Tiago Pereira

TIAGO PEREIRA is a director, videographer, coordinator of the project A música portuguesa a gostar dela própria and winner of the Megafone award. He has developed a very personal style of documenting, collecting and mixing moving images. His transdisciplinary films address manifestations of intangible culture such as music, rituals and performances, making use of new technologies and fresh approaches to popular and traditional culture. He has received national and international awards for films like 11 Donkeys Fall on an Empty Stomach (2006), Quem Canta Seus Males Espanta (1998), and more recently, Sinfonia Imaterial (2011), Portugal Shake (2011) and Vamos tocar todos juntos para ouvirmos melhor (2012), commissioned by Fundação Cidade Guimarães.

Sampladélicos | Remixing Places