The multifaceted work of Vincent Glowinski (aka Bonom) is revealed in this impressive symbiosis between drawing and movement, between the digital and the tangible. Méduses makes use of a specific video software to process, overlay, and project images captured in real-time by a camera positioned above the stage. Video projection and performers create a single presence, tracing morphologies and drafting primitive architectural forms. Does the movement generate the images we see, or is it the projected ancestral patterns that direct the choreography?


Bio Vincent Glowinski (BE)

Drawing is the backbone of Vincent Glowinski’s artistic practice. Fascinated by nature and animal physiognomy, Glowinski has created dozens of monumental urban drawings of mythical creatures in Brussels, where he lives. His current research involves capturing movement using Human Brush technology.



Méduses is co-presented with the support of the Open Latitudes network.


Dance & Drawing

Thu 17 September

9:30 PM

Teatro Virgínia

Torres Novas

1 h

> 12

6 Euros